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Torr Customer Service Update

The factory remains open and committed to production, all members of staff working in the factory are being Covid tested on a bi-weekly basis. We continue to follow the recommendations made by the UK government including wearing of masks, social distancing, handwashing, and enhanced cleaning.

We can be contacted by phone +44 (0)1424 225228 or by email on either sales@torrscientific.co.uk or accounts@torrscientific.co.uk

Torr Scientific Limited is an innovative company that brings together a unique range of expertise, skills and equipment from the fields of thin film vacuum coating, vacuum instrumentation and electron-optics, to service the world’s leading scientific research institutions and OEM manufacturers of industrial and medical testing equipment.

The company manufactures X-ray anodes, UHV Viewports and processes anti-reflective coatings. Torr Scientific was established in 1998 and the employees of the company have many years of experience in the UHV and Electron-Optical industries.

High quality components and instrumentation are manufactured in cleanroom conditions and facilities include vacuum furnaces, TIG welding, helium leak testing, e-beam and sputter coating systems, a glass shop and high-end optical test equipment.

Please browse this website for further details about Torr Scientific’s large range of UHV Viewports, AR coatings and X-ray & Electron Optical components.

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