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ALTEC Equipment has been founded in 2010 and has been striving to offer the best equipments and services since then. ALTEC Equipment offers a wide range of components related to vacuum and UHV technologies and applications selected for their quality and reliability.
At the very beginning, ALTEC Equipment started with the representation of UHV Design, designer and manufacturer of UHV heaters and motions. Very quickly, Gamma Vacuum – ion pumps, titanium sublimators and controllers – became another partner of choice. The most recent addition to its portfolio of high-quality products is the optics produced by Torr Scientific Limited – TSL.
Today ALTEC Equipment represents a total of nine companies renowned for their expertise in their respective fields and covers all UHV fields from manipulators, ion pumps, optics, cryogenic pumps, gate valves and angle valve, vacuum gauges, quadrupole mass
spectrometers and plasma cleaners.
The companies represented are TSL, UHV Design, Gamma Vacuum, HVA, Televac,
Extrel, SST, Trillium and Henniker Scientific.