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AR, BBAR, SPAR, VAR and WAR Anti-Reflective Coatings of Vacuum Optics



A range of anti-reflective coatings can be optimised to your specific wavelengths. Theoretical reflectance curves can be supplied on request for particular window material and wavelength combinations.
We offer the following types of antireflective coatings as standard:

  • Single-layer ‘AR’ coatings, optimised for a single wavelength
  • 2-layer ‘VAR’ coating, optimised for a single wavelength, high performance
  • ‘WAR’ coating, optimised for 2 separate wavelengths, high performance
  • Multilayer ‘BBAR’ (broadband) coating optimised for a continuous range of wavelengths, high performance

If you think that the demands of your specification exceed, or fall outside of the above coating categories, please contact sales@torrscientific.co.uk with your requirements. Our experienced coating engineers will do their best to design a bespoke solution for your project.
Coatings are processed in-house on TSL’s e-beam system, in cleanroom conditions and tested on a state of the art UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer. Further details can be found in the TSL catalogue and price lists.
Please find below some examples of typical AR coating reflectance curves (this list only displays a small range of possible curves, since all of our AR coatings are produced on a bespoke basis for customers:

Price Lists


AR Curves:

(Last updated: 16 March 2023)