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Maisie-Rose Coleman

Maisie-Rose Coleman

My Apprenticeship Experience – Maisie-Rose Coleman

In January 2021, I started a Business Administration Apprenticeship based at Torr. I chose this type of apprenticeship because at the time I didn’t know the exact career path I wanted to go down, and business administration offered a range of experience in different areas.

Torr really stood out to me when choosing where to complete my Business Admin Apprenticeship because I liked that they were a family‑run business, always looking and offering employment to different groups of people such as apprenticeships and Year in Industry students. This offered a sense of comfortability for me as there was no pressure of having to have lots of knowledge, but more so a chance to learn and develop knowledge and skills from scratch.

I completed my apprenticeship in November 2022 with a Distinction. This was made possible not only through my dedication and hard work, but also due to the extensive support and opportunities provided by Torr. I started my apprenticeship working in the purchasing department, learning a lot about the supply chain, which tied in great with the units in my apprenticeship based on external factors and their effects. I then went on to working in the sales department, which gave me opportunities to build customer relationships. This role also meant I had to learn more technical things as each day customers would inquire about a variety of products and each would have different requirements, ultimately forcing me out of my comfort zone. This however was great in expanding my knowledge of the vacuum industry. Finally, I gained experience in the accounts department before returning to purchasing. I decided to return to the purchasing department, as I felt I excelled the most here because it had the most relevance to my studies. In January 2023, I started my full-time employment position here at Torr as Junior Buyer.

I would highly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who prefers a mixture of studying and hands-on experience, and would even more so recommend Torr being the company to carry their apprenticeship out with. I was supported throughout, always given the opportunity to develop my skills, knowledge and behaviours and can say that without Torr my career would not be where it is today. I am excited to see where my career goes next with Torr, and I am excited to be able to watch the company grow and welcome more apprentices.

Darren Granger

Darren Granger

My Apprenticeship Experience – Darren Granger

When I left school, I started college doing a BTEC Level 3 in engineering while working at McDonald’s part-time. I needed to do work experience with my college course, and I was shown Torr Scientific. I did a week of work experience and because I was already studying engineering, I asked if they offer apprenticeships because I enjoyed it so much and wanted to carry it on as a career. I then got a call on my birthday which changed my life, which would lead to an apprenticeship in engineering.

Back in July 2018, I started my first day at Torr scientific and come September, I started my first day at college to begin my NVQ 3 in Engineering. The whole apprenticeship took me 4 years to complete and included 1 year of PEO level 2 engineering and 2 years of level 3 to then finish off my NVQ 3 in the last year. I have now completed my apprenticeship and now I need to look at my future at Torr and other education they can set me on.

Through my career at Torr, I have worked in the clean room(s), Machine Shop, Viewport Cell, inspection and then I became the Hermetic Cell leader. In the Hermetic Cell, my tasks consisted of welding, brazing, leak testing, inspection of optics (for brazing), acid work and polishing of viewports.

When working in the clean room, I learned how to inspect optics and clean each product as well as leak testing, which I have needed to know for every other department. From working in each room, I have learnt how to handle delicate optics, assembling viewports, cleaning, sputter coatings, inspection, machining, brazing, welding and many more skills to list!

Now my apprenticeship is finished, I have become a Technical Support Engineer, I think this role will suit me very well as I have experience at Torr and I know the products we make and I believe I will do well in this position.

If anyone were thinking about starting an apprenticeship at Torr, no matter the role, I would definitely recommend it! I have come from McDonald’s and now looking at becoming a Technical Engineer! Torr has changed my career drastically and has set me on a path I really enjoy, opening many doors along the way.