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Atom Trap Chambers

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Torr Scientific’s new range of compact, low-magnetic, chamber modules are used in the research of ultra-cold atoms. New technology, especially semiconductor laser development, has revolutionised atomic physics over the past two decades and scientists are now able to routinely cool certain gases to ultra-low temperatures, very close to absolute zero (~50 nanokelvin). At such low temperatures, it’s possible to trap atoms with light, magnetic and / or electric fields and study their behaviour in detail. The new range of Atom Trap Chambers are manufactured from 316LN stainless steel with 316LN flanges, and contain up to 14 horizontal and two vertical ports, six of which are used to house three pairs of counter-propagating laser beams that perform the ‘trapping’. High quality fused silica optics that offer a high threshold to laser damage (complete with non-magnetic weld rings) are welded directly to the chamber body to reduce the overall chamber size, with an option for custom anti-reflective coatings that are optimised to the wavelengths of the lasers being used.