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Torr scientific has many global distributors which includes our friends on the opposite side of the planet – Australian Vacuum Services (AVS).

Headed up by Andy Taylor and Laurens Willems, they both have a vast knowledge of ultra-high vacuum and nanotechnology experience.

Andy started as a Edwards High vacuum apprentice at 16 and has run successful vacuum companies in the UK. Laurens is PhD qualified and has worked on many projects, including complex diamond growth, and authored numerous white papers. Between the two of them, they have over 60 years’ experience in the vacuum technology field.

AVS were formed as a speciality firm to cater for both scientific and academia sectors and has been trading for over a year – coming through these COVID-19 times with some solid thin film system orders.

The quantum and electronics research areas are fast growing because of investment from the likes of Google and Microsoft, and now many of the world’s leading researchers are based Down Under.

The AVS range caters for various thin film systems from deposition through to lithography. They also supply a wide range of UHV parts from windows to pumps, gauges and fittings. They even repair vacuum pumps.

At weekends they can be spotted bush walking, seeking out wildlife, or mountain biking in the Blue Mountains.

Great team to work with Info@australianvacuumservices.com   

Their web site is https://australianvacuumservices.com/ and they have a large social media presence.