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What is a Microspike biosensor?

The biosensors consist of a biological recognition element which are able to specifically interact with a target molecule and a transducer able to convert this interaction into a measurable signal.

What is a Microspike biosensor used for?

The coated devices can be functionalised with extra coatings on top of the electrodes depending on the target analyte. The biosensors are being developed for closed-loop controllers for personalised precision dosing of antimicrobial agents with applications in sports and wellbeing.

The Microspike biosensors are used as minimally invasive sensors with 4 arrays of 16 microspikes each of which can be used in measuring metabolites, biomarkers and drugs in the interstitial fluid. The microspike substrate material is polycarbonate. The metallic electrodes can be functionalised with other coatings.
When used for in situ sensing, the choice of functionalisation conditions depends upon the target analyte being sensed.

Who developed our Microspike biosensors?

The devices, developed by a team of scientists at Imperial College London, have been functionalised for sensing glucose, lactate and theophylline.
Torr Scientific is processing coatings for biomedical sensors.

What coatings are available for the Microspike biosensors?

The electrode coating thickness is typically 150nm and offered as standard with a gold (3 electrodes) and silver (1 electrode) version.

How are the Microspike biosensors supplied?

The microspikes are supplied in packs of 10 or 50 and supplied complete with nuts and bolts for electrical connections. Uncoated polycarbonate microspike substrates are also available.

Gold Biopads

Part Number CoatingPack SizePrice (excluding carriage & VAT)
MB-AUAG-103 x Gold, 1 x Silver 10POA
MB-AUAG-50 3 x Gold, 1 x Silver 50POA

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