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As a UK business, you might also be interested in how we and our customers might be affected by Brexit.
We are currently scheduled to leave the EU on 31st January 2020, as yet the Withdrawal Agreement has not been approved and this is the third date that has been ‘set in stone’.
There remains the possibility that we will leave on that date with ‘no-deal’, which may result in some short-term delays in customs clearance and shipping.

Whatever the outcome of Brexit, Torr Scientific’s response is very straightforward.

  • We will make it our mission to achieve business as usual.
  • We want to maintain all of our existing partner relationships, and we plan to overcome any logistical difficulties with the minimum of fuss.
  • Should new tariffs be required, we believe they will be insignificant, and we would not expect to have to pass any additional cost on to you.
  • Fundamentally, we intend to continue with frictionless trade, and we are open for business.

Also don’t forget to check current exchange rates if you are buying from us in Euros or Dollars. British made goods are currently extremely good value.