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Torr recently manufactured a custom glass quantum cell for one of our customers.

There has been a recent shift in focus towards quantum system packaging to enable academic experiments to become “in-field” prototype systems. In many cases, the often bulky and heavy vacuum systems still remain as one of the fundamental limitations of system portability. Our quantum glass cells allow for optical access from all sides. The large faces offer excellent parallelism. Although the cells are lightweight, they are incredibly robust and are designed to operate at Ultra-high vacuum (UHV) pressures.
The cell pictured was manufactured employing optical contacting techniques and is free from any frits and epoxies. The cells dimensions are 23mm x 23mm x 100mm. It has 2 x DN16CF flanges. We applied one of our customised anti-reflective “V” shaped (VAR) coatings on the outside faces of the cell. Custom BBAR (broadband) and SPAR (special) anti-reflective coatings can also be applied.

We can manufacture quantum glass cells from: Pyrex, and alkali borosilicate 7056 glass. We are currently working on developing fused silica (SiO2) ones.
The largest glass cell we have manufactured so far was 23mm x 23mm x 100mm. The largest cells that we can manufacture can be up to 40mm x 40mm x 100mm.

Custom requirements are welcome. Please email us at sales@torrscientific.co.uk if you’d like any further information.