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CVD Diamond

CVD diamond vacuum windows and X-ray anode heatsinks, diamond viewports, CVD diamond viewports, diamond tipped anodes, brazed diamond, coated diamond

Natural diamond has always been of extreme scientific interest due to its unmatched properties including hardness, thermal conductivity, broadband transparency, chemical inertness and high temperature stability. However, the cost of natural diamond substrates is prohibitive in most cases. Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) processes have been developed to the point where economical artificial diamond substrates are now readily available. Torr Scientific is offering CVD diamond substrates in various shapes for use in applications such as thermal mounts and laser windows as well as sealed into vacuum viewport assemblies for high vacuum applications. The CVD diamond performance is very close to that of natural diamond, so our customers can now take advantage of thermal conductivity that is five times that of copper and high transparency for optical wavelengths that range from 225 nanometers to beyond 100 microns! Please contact TSL to request quotations for your specific applications.