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Torr Scientific is pleased to announce its successful accreditation to the Cyber Essentials security standard, demonstrating our commitment to cyber security. This has not only provided more knowledge & protection for ourselves but has also helped to protect our customers & suppliers from cyber risks.

Cyber Essentials helps us to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrates our company commitment to cyber security.

The Cyber Essentials scheme was developed to show organisations how to protect themselves against low-level “commodity threat.” It lists five technical controls (access control; boundary firewalls and Internet gateways; malware protection; patch management and secure configuration) that organisations should have in place.

The vast majority of cyber-attacks use relatively simple methods which exploit basic vulnerabilities in software and computer systems. There are tools and techniques openly available on the Internet which enable even low-skill actors to exploit these vulnerabilities. Properly implementing the Cyber Essentials scheme will protect against the vast majority of common internet threats.

Cyber Essentials is part of an HM Government Scheme- the National Cyber Security Strategy – towards fulfilling its roles in helping to make the UK one of the safest countries to live and do business on-line.