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Filaments and Filament assemblies


Torr Scientific offers a range of iridium and tungsten filaments and assemblies for Mass Spectrometry, organic spectroscopy and X-ray sources many of which are coated with thorium or yttrium oxide to improve electron emission. The company specialises in hermetic seals and this technology is used in the manufacture of filament bases. A complete filament manufacturing service is offered or customers’ own filaments can be coated to their specification. Rhenium and platinum filaments can also be supplied and iridium wire and strip filaments at very competitive prices. Filaments and filament assemblies are produced for surface science applications including LEED, organic and x-ray spectroscopy and electron microscopy. All work is carried out to UHV cleanliness standards and assemblies can be supplied promptly. Filaments can be vacuum flashed on request. Ionisation gauge heads and replacement filaments for the heads are supplied on request.

REQUEST A QUOTE FOR IRIDIUM WIRE – 0.125 mm and 0.150 mm diameter wire, plus Iridium ribbon 0.05 mm x 0.7 mm is available on quick leadtimes.

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