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Germanium Viewport

Germanium Viewport

Torr Scientific manufactures a wide range of Germanium viewports mounted in KF, ISO, & Conflat flanges.

We can provide different anti-reflective coatings to reduce the reflection and increase transmission.

Germanium is a chemical element, in its purest form it is a semiconductor metalloid – it has certain properties of both metals and non‑metals – it is placed above tin and below silicon in the carbon group on the periodic table.

Traditionally Ge has been used in the manufacture of semiconductor electronics before the emergence of silicon and other materials. Its current major uses are for Infra-red optics, fibre-optic systems, solar cells, and light emitting diodes. It is coming back into fashion as silicon-germanium alloys are important for the construction of high-speed integrated circuits.

Germanium is opaque in the visible part of the spectrum and transmits in the infra-red. Transmission is highly temperature-dependent though as it becomes nearly opaque at 100° and completely non‑transmissive at 200°C.

An uncoated 5mm thick Ge window has approximately 50% transmission in the range from 1.9µm to around 16µm. This can be increased to around 90% in the range 1.9µm to 6µm with a broadband anti-reflective coating.

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