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In-Line Monochromator (ILM)

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Torr Scientific has advanced its ability to produce ever higher performance capability for X-ray anodes. The company has developed an in-house process that adds a CVD diamond layer between the copper heat sink and the target material. Diamond’s unmatched thermal conductivity enables far greater heat transfer from the target material to the copper heat sink. Torr uses advanced brazing techniques to vacuum seal the diamond to the heatsink and applies new sputter coating technology to apply thick layers of anode materials with outstanding adhesion and surface finish qualities. This advance is particularly important where the highest possible X-Ray energy and power density is desired. Power densities have tripled as a result. Torr Scientific now offers these advanced technologies in everything from the refurbishing and recoating of existing X-Ray anodes to the manufacturing of complete X-Ray anode assemblies.The Technology Strategy Board agreed to support a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between The University of Surrey and Torr Scientific. The funding was used to employ a KTP Associate to develop and optimise the use of a novel x-ray monochromator based on Torr Scientific’s leading edge diamond anode technology.

Features of the ILM ‘In-Line Monochromator’:

  • Better solid angle at crystal through proximity and design options
  • Single CF38 vacuum port
  • Retrofittable
  • Small X-ray spot with maximum power density at anode and collection at crystal
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