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Viewport Installation Metric Bolt kits

It is always exciting getting your hands on one of our high-precision vacuum viewports. However, the excitement can be cut short when you realise you haven’t got the correct bolt set to install it.

 If this is you, there’s no need to blow a gasket!

As part of a range of viewport accessories, we now offer metric bolt viewport installation kits for Conflat® flanges.   The kits are designed to be used with either tapped or through-hole flanges.  Through-hole kits will include hex-head bolts, tapped flange kits will include cap head bolts.

As standard, the through-hole kit will come with stainless steel bolts, silver‑plated stainless-steel nuts, stainless-steel washers and an annealed copper gasket.
The tapped version will come with silver-plated stainless steel bolts, stainless-steel washers and an annealed copper gasket.

We recommend silver-plated nuts or bolts for bake-out applications. High temperatures can cause the nut/bolt interface to ‘cold weld’ over a period of time.  It is then difficult to undo the joint, tapped threads are easily damaged (and they are not always easy to repair).

Annealed copper gaskets require a much lower sealing force to make a leak‑tight seal. We always recommend these for use with our wide range of viewports.

If you’re not quite sure which accessories best fit with your brand-new viewport, we’ll be happy to advise.

(*) non-metric bolt kits are also available, details on request.

If you’d like more information, please contact us at sales@torrscientific.co.uk


Standard Product Enquiries

Torr Standard Enquiries Form
Flange SizeFlange TypePart CodeBolt Size / TypeNutsBoltsWashersAnnealed
DN16CFThrough HoleVPZ16-iKITM4 x 20mm / Hex66121
DN16CFTappedVPZ16-iKIT-TAPM4 x 16mm / Cap-661
DN40CFThrough HoleVPZ38-iKITM6 x 35mm / Hex66121
DN40CFTappedVPZ38-iKIT-TAPM6 x 25mm / Cap-661
DN63CFThrough HoleVPZ64-iKITM8 x 45mm / Hex88161
DN63CFTappedVPZ64-iKIT-TAPM8 x 30mm / Cap-881
DN100CFThrough HoleVPZ100-iKITM8 x 50mm / Hex1616321
DN100CFTappedVPZ100-iKIT-TAPM8 x 35mm / Cap-16161
DN150CFThrough HoleVPZ150-iKITM8 x 60mm / Hex2020401
DN150CFTappedVPZ150-iKIT-TAPM8 x 35mm / Cap-20201
DN200CFThrough HoleVPZ200-iKITM8 x 60mm / Hex2424481
DN200CFTappedVPZ200-iKIT-TAPM8 x 45mm / Cap-24241

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