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Torr Scientific recently invested in a 3D printer, it has since become an invaluable tool for manufacturing a host of items. These include parts such tooling jigs and custom-sized protective caps for special vacuum viewports. The material that we use primarily is TPU, (thermoplastic polyurethane) it is extremely robust and flexible.

Key properties of TPU:

• High abrasion, wear, oil, radiation resistance
• High elasticity
• Strength
• Good tactile properties
• Easily coloured (we can pick from clear to many different colours)
• Can be sterilized

The custom-sized protective caps that we printed cost about £0.25 ($ 0.30) each. There were no standard cap sizes in the marketplace that would fit, and the ones that came close were priced around £ 4.00 ($ 5.00) each, so there is a cost saving for us.