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Torr Scientific have just taken delivery of a brand new automated compact vapour degreasing system.
This will make us both more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.

The machine uses a combination of solvent ultrasonic agitation, solvent vapour cleaning and solvent drying.

It works like this:
A low boiling point chemically stable solvent is heated to around 40°C in a sump tank. The solvent vaporises and creates a zone of solvent vapour. The vapour is then cooled when it reaches cooling coils at the top of the machine causing it to condense and return to the tank via a filter removing contaminants from it.

Parts are automatically submerged into a rinse tank in solvent that is agitated by ultrasonic transducers. The parts are cleaned in the vapour produced by the sump tank and then dried in the cooling zone instantly as they pass through and the solvent condenses.

Vapour degreasing was common to the vacuum industry in the past. However, these machines used harmful chemical such as trichloroethylene and as a result processes were swapped to aqueous based systems.

Modern solvents have since been produced that do not break down during the evaporation and condensation process and so are therefore safe to use.

The surface tension of the solvents is much lower than that of water and so can penetrate into sub-micron holes and crevices, providing a much cleaner result.

There are many advantages to Torr, these include:

Faster cycle times, increased throughput.
More environmentally friendly & low energy consumption reduces our carbon footprint.
Automated operation frees staff to undertake other tasks.