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Dave Austin:

Dave joined Torr mid November 2022 having been made redundant from his maintenance job within a care home in Bexhill.

Prior to that Dave has had a varied career starting off in plant within his father’s company which was a natural progression as Dave spent many hours helping and learning his dad’s excellent skills. From a young age he quickly learned D.I.Y and mending skills. Now Dave is in what he would describe as being in his comfort zone back to mending anything and everything. Can we fix it? Yes, Dave can.



Izzie Galluzzo

Izzie has been with us for a little over 4 months now. She is currently on her gap year before university. Izzie is planning on studying Physics.  We’ve been helping Izzie learn essential industry skills which will come in handy later in her career. At present, Izzie is working in the cleanroom, learning the ins and outs of anti‑reflective and ITO coatings.

Despite being on her gap year, Izzie keeps her schedule extremely busy. She is keeping on top of her maths skills by doing online courses. She is also mentoring year 8s and year 9s as part of the Engineering Development Trust Industrial Cadets Bronze project, designing buildings which will be capable of withstanding extreme climate change. In her spare time, Izzie also practices her violin, sings in the Hastings SHE choir, draws, paints, knits and runs.


Emily Izzard:

Since starting as a business administration apprentice at Torr Scientific, Emily has learnt and developed many new skills that have helped her expand her knowledge and build her confidence in a working environment. “I really enjoy working at Torr as I feel very welcomed. I know if I am struggling there is always someone there to help. I am gaining work experience and a wider understanding of the industry which has given me an insight to my apprenticeship.”



Joyce Oyewole:

“In my short time at Torr, I’ve had the opportunity to learn many new skills that are very beneficial to my development and my course. Working in an engineering environment for the first time has allowed me to gain a sense of what the real world is like and how can be put a seemingly small task forward into something greater and the importance of communication.  I’m excited to see what I learn next.”



Gillian Snell

Gillian has joined Torr from a varying background. She initially trained as a hairdresser and has also delivered car parts and worked on the doors as a nightclub security. Gillian said, “I have wanted to be part of the team here at Torr for quite some time because they have such an amazing reputation, both in business and staff welfare. I have 16 years left before retirement age and I want to be part of the team here until that day happens”

Gillian will operate our new Solvac Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning equipment. She has been with us for only a couple of weeks, is already settling into her new role very well.

Rebecca Stephens


Rebecca Stephens

Rebecca returned to Torr in August of this year. Originally from near Truro in Cornwall, Rebecca studied engineering in college & after 2 years, she earned herself an NVQ Level 1 & Level 2 Diploma. Unfortunately, Cornwall had no engineering job opportunities.

Rebecca first started here at Torr as a Trainee Technical Glass Blower in May 2018. In Nov 2019, Rebecca had to return to Cornwall for a few years due to personal reasons. In August 2022 she moved back to Sussex and decided to settle here in the south. “I thoroughly enjoy learning the fascinating processes of glass to metal sealing & the science behind using the different properties of glass. I am grateful to Torr for giving me the opportunity to finally use my qualifications & get back into a workshop environment.”




Simon Thompson:

Simon joined Torr in April 2022 after graduating from Coventry University with a BEng (Hons) in Aerospace Technology. His dissertation was focused around using a low‑cost micro‑controller (Arduino) to fabricate filament wound carbon fibre tubes to test the feasibility for use as a Unnamed Aerial Vehicle fuselage. At TSL Simon has been a Technical Support Engineer for over 6 months. The role has presented numerous different challenges that Simon has had to solve. This ranges from producing CAD drawings/models, maintaining sputter coating machines and developing solutions to production problems. Simon has also communicated with other companies to create an electronic project from the ground up, which includes the design of PCBs. Simon comments “It is nice to be part of the technical team that is always solving problems for various departments. It is interesting to learn how a manufacturing company operates and how it has grown since I joined.”