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New magnetron sputtering system on order for Torr to improve both coating capacity and productivity

To keep up with increasing demand for custom coatings, Torr Scientific have recently ordered a new magnetron sputter system to increase our internal capacity.  This order represents a considerable investment into improving Torr’s capabilities.

The new system is based around a Minilab 060 system from Moorfield Nanotechnology who are based in the UK.  In its current form the system will use two UHV magnetron 3” sputter sources with computer controlled fully-automated pumping and processing.  This gives us opportunities to improve process efficiency, control, automated running and data recording.

In production the system will be used to coat substrates from metallic sources in sequential operating mode.  Substrate support is via a rotation and heating stage, suitable for supporting either pieces or full wafers up to 6”/150 mm diameter.

The system is supplied with additional blanked-off ports which will allow us to upgrade it in the future

It is currently being manufactured and is due to be delivered in May 2022