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Vacuum Optics

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Welcome to the Vacuum Optics Division of Torr Scientific, which offers the widest range of Vacuum Optics. Our highly skilled glass shop manufactures glass to metal seals, tubulations, viewports and custom scientific glassware. Optical quality fused silica windows are vacuum brazed and optically tested in cleanroom conditions. Anti-reflective coatings are processed and optimised to customer wavelength requirements. Light, non-magnetic and high optical quality vacuum windows are designed and manufactured for space satellite applications. Torr Scientific is also designing and manufacturing compact, non-magnetic UHV chamber and laser window assemblies in collaboration with universities working in the world of ultra-cold atom research and quantum technology projects. For further details, please use the Product Divisions menu.

Vacuum Optic

Here you will find our main Vacuum Optics products

UHV Viewports

Ultra-High Vacuum lead-free viewports, including kodial, fused silica, sapphire, CVD diamond, natural z-cut quartz, barium fluoride (BaF2), calcium fluoride (CaF2), magnesium fluoride (MgF2), lithium (LiF), zinc selenide (ZnSe) optics, in CF, KF or ISO flanges.

Viewport Safety Covers

Polycarbonate viewport safety covers manufactured by thermo-forming 2mm thickness Makrolon® Clear 099 sheet; a clear polished UV-stabilised solid polycarbonate material with high impact resistance.
Blackout viewport covers.

Anti-Reflective Coatings

Wide range of AR, broadband anti-reflective coatings (BBAR), VAR, WAR and SPAR anti-reflective coatings.

CVD Diamond

Torr Scientific is offering CVD diamond substrates in various shapes for use in applications such as thermal mounts and laser windows as well as sealed into vacuum viewport assemblies for high vacuum applications. The CVD diamond performance is very close to that of natural diamond, so our customers can now take advantage of thermal conductivity that is five times that of copper and high transparency for optical wavelengths that range from 225 nanometers to beyond 100 microns!

Glass to Metal Seals

Our operators have many years’ experience in the production of glass products for vacuum and electron optical devices. This department enables the company to develop glass vacuum windows, feedthroughs and X-ray tube encapsulations in addition to the current vacuum brazing techniques applied for production of the vacuum optic range of products. All Kodial glass viewports are produced in-house and enquiries for custom requirements for glass-working and glass to metal seals are welcomed.

Atom Trap Chambers

The new range of Atom Trap Chambers are manufactured from 316LN stainless steel with 316LN flanges, and contain up to 14 horizontal and two vertical ports, six of which are used to house three pairs of counter-propagating laser beams that perform the ‘trapping’. High quality fused silica optics that offer a high threshold to laser damage (complete with non-magnetic weld rings) are welded directly to the chamber body to reduce the overall chamber size, with an option for custom anti-reflective coatings that are optimised to the wavelengths of the lasers being used.

Aerospace Vacuum Optics

We develop and manufacture highly specified vacuum optics for aerospace and satellite applications. Windows can be developed using vacuum flange and intermediary transition weld ring materials such as titanium and optical quality materials with wide transmission ranges suited to spectrometry applications such as magnesium fluoride and sapphire.
Features of the high grade vacuum optics are: wide range transmission, high optical specification, lightweight, rugged and non-magnetic.

X-ray and Electron Optical (XEO)

Welcome to the XEO Division of Torr Scientific which focuses on X-ray and Electron-Optical products. The newly built clean production facility is dedicated to production of X-Ray Anodes and Sources, Electron Sources, Phosphor Screens, Microchannel Plate Assemblies and Torr’s new development, The In-Line Monochromator. For further details please use the Product Divisions menu.

Our X-ray and Electron Optical (XEO) Components

Here you will find our main X-ray and Electron Optical (XEO) products

X-ray Anodes and Sources

Torr Scientific manufactures and refurbishes X-Ray anodes and sources. We manufacture anodes to customer specifications. The devices are manufactured in cleanroom conditions and key processes, such as brazing, helium leak testing and thin film coating are all carried out at the company. Torr has developed an in-house process that adds a CVD diamond layer between the copper heat sink and the target material.

Synchrotron Products

Torr Scientific offers an unrivalled range of both standard and non-standard CVD diamond viewports for synchrotron applications. Water-cooled CVD diamond windows are ideal in applications which involve higher frequencies or higher power. MCP detectors are used in a variety of applications including UV, VUV and EUV spectroscopy, atomic and molecular physics, TOF mass–spectrometry of clusters and biomolecules, surface studies and space research. MCP Manipulators are ideal instruments for beam visualisation and secondary electron detection at synchrotron facilities.

Electron-Optical Components

Torr Scientific manufactures phosphor screens (LEED & RHEED), micro-channel plate assemblies, time of flight and imaging detectors and fibre-optic face plate seals. The electro-optical products utilise TSL specialities including hermetic sealing, clean assembly and thin film processing. In most cases, products are designed and manufactured to custom requirements. Please send details of your requirements.

Delay Line & Neutron Detectors

Torr Scientific is the UK distributor of Delay Line Detectors, Neutron Detectors and fast electronics manufactured by Surface Concept in Germany for high-tech pico-second detection solutions. The product range has been developed by several experienced physicists in Mainz, who have more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of line-detector development and analytical electron microscopy under UHV conditions.

Biomedical Coatings

Torr Scientific is processing coatings for biomedical sensors. The biosensors consist of a biological recognition element which are able to specifically interact with a target molecule and a transducer able to convert this interaction into a measurable signal.

The coated devices can be functionalised with extra coatings on top of the electrodes depending on the target analyte. The biosensors are being developed for closed-loop controllers for personalised precision dosing of antimicrobial agents with applications in sports and wellbeing.

The Microspike biosensors are used as minimally invasive sensors with 4 arrays of 16 microspikes each of which can be used in measuring metabolites, biomarkers and drugs in the interstitial fluid. The microspike substrate material is polycarbonate. The metallic electrodes can be functionalised with other coatings.

When used for in situ sensing, the choice of functionalisation conditions depends upon the target analyte being sensed. The devices, developed by a team of scientists at Imperial College London, have been functionalised for sensing glucose, lactate and theophylline. The electrode coating thickness is typically 150nm and offered as standard with a gold (3 electrodes) and silver (1 electrode) version or with 3 platinum and 1 silver electrode. Platinum reduces the noise in the measurements and is more stable.

The microspikes are supplied in packs of 10 or 50 and supplied complete with nuts and bolts for electrical connections. Uncoated polycarbonate microspike substrates are also available.

Please view the Microspike Biosensor data sheet here.

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