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Torr Scientific offers a repair and refurbishment service to recover over-used and damaged parts back to their original fit for purpose condition, offering the customer potentially significant savings over the cost of a new part.

Typical products refurbished by the company include:

  • X-Ray Anodes & Sources
  • Phosphor Screens – RHEED & LEED
  • MCP Detectors
  • Filament Assemblies & Gauges
  • Ceramic Feedthroughs & Breaks

Please contact sales@torrscientific.co.uk with details of your requirement, photographs of the item in question are always useful. You will be provided with a health and safety form to be completed and sent with the part to be refurbished. All work will be carried out by experienced engineers and technicians in the Torr Scientific cleanroom. X-ray anodes will need to be sent in a vacuum tight shipping tube, if you do not have a shipping tube we can manufacture one for the return of the refurbished part.


Here is an example of a returned filament assembly with before and after photos. The assembly was stripped and cleaned, the old filament removed, and a new coated filament installed. The filament will then be aligned in place using a special tool.

Here is a microchannel plate assembly that has been stripped and cleaned. The flange, window, and feedthroughs will be leak checked as part of the process, any leakers will be replaced. The ITO coating will be tested for resistivity and re-coated if required, if there is a phosphor screen installed, then we can remove the old screen material and replace it with a new one. New plates will be installed during the reassembly work, the completed assembly will then be tested before being packed.

Refurbished phosphor screens are checked for marks, pin holes and other non-conformities, a UV light helps identify these.

A new thoriated iridium filament being installed on an ion gauge that has been returned for refurbishment. The feedthrough will have been leak checked as part of the assessment process, items like the grid can also be replaced if they are damaged.