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Anti-reflective coatings

A range of anti-reflective coatings can be processed and optimised to customer specified wavelengths. Theoretical reflectance curves can be supplied on request for particular window material and wavelength combinations. Single 1QWOT ‘AR’ coatings, plus four-layer broadband ‘BBAR’ coatings for a wavelength range and two-layer ‘V’ coatings optimised for single wavelengths are provided. The list of curves linked below can be offered as standard. If there is a curve listed which suits your application please reference it in your enquiry or order. The coatings are processed on TSL’s eBeam system in cleanroom conditions and tested on a state of the art UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer. Further details can be found in the TSL catalogue and price lists.

Catalogue Price Listsspectrophotometer

AR Curves

FS-AR-550 FS-BBAR-250-370 FS-BBAR-250-400 FS-BBAR-250-600 FS-BBAR-252-370 FS-BBAR-260-290 FS-BBAR-280-313 FS-BBAR-280-460 FS-BBAR-285-457 FS-BBAR-300-600 FS-BBAR-300-800 FS-BBAR-323-671 FS-BBAR-343-515 FS-BBAR-375-866 FS-BBAR-386-780 FS-BBAR-397-727 FS-BBAR-400-500 FS-BBAR-400-550 FS-BBAR-400-600 FS-BBAR-400-700 FS-BBAR-400-800 FS-BBAR-400-950 FS-BBAR-400-1100 FS-BBAR-401-671 FS-BBAR-425-760 FS-BBAR-460-700 FS-BBAR-461-689 FS-BBAR-461-707 FS-BBAR-500-1000 FS-BBAR-500-1100 FS-BBAR-509-767 FS-BBAR-510-550 FS-BBAR-520-1040 FS-BBAR-532-637 FS-BBAR-532-780 FS-BBAR-532-1064 FS-BBAR-550-1100 FS-BBAR-575-610 FS-BBAR-589-795 FS-BBAR-590-780 FS-BBAR-600-900 FS-BBAR-600-1000 FS-BBAR-600-1100 FS-BBAR-630-641 FS-BBAR-650-1100 FS-BBAR-670-800 FS-BBAR-670-820 FS-BBAR-670-1550 FS-BBAR-671-1064 FS-BBAR-671-1070 FS-BBAR-671-1550 FS-BBAR-698-813 FS-BBAR-700-1000 FS-BBAR-700-1100 FS-BBAR-730-1100 FS-BBAR-767-1072 FS-BBAR-770-850 FS-BBAR-780-1064 FS-BBAR-800-900 FS-BBAR-860-1200 FS-BBAR-900-1250 FS-BBAR-900-1650 FS-BBAR-980-1150 FS-BBAR-1050-1200 FS-BBAR-1064-1550 FS-BBAR-1200-1650 FS-BBAR-1270-1630 FS-BBAR-1550-1560 FS-BBAR-1550-1565 K-AR-550

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