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The Vacuum Optics section of Torr Scientific recently took delivery of a Universal Measurement Accessory from Agilent Technologies to expand the capabilities of its Cary 5000 UV-vis-NIR spectrophotometer. The accessory has its own independent suite of detectors that can be positioned at almost any angle relative to the incident beam at intervals of 0.02°. The sample itself can be independently positioned at any angle relative to the incident beam. All adjustments are controlled from the acquisition software and sequential measurements can be automated. This flexibility allows reflectance and transmittance measurements at almost any angle, so that nearly all incident light can be accounted for, whether transmitted, reflected, scattered, or absorbed.

The main roles of the instrument will still be as a quality assurance tool for Torr Scientific’s optical coatings and for characterization of substrates and thin-film coating materials. The new accessory has the advantage that absolute reflectance measurements can now be acquired directly without the need for a calibrated reference mirror.

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