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Technical Information

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H&S Certificate

X-Ray Source Development

The Technology Strategy Board agreed to support a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between The University of Surrey and Torr Scientific. The funding was used to employ a KTP Associate to develop and optimise the use of a novel x-ray monochromator based on Torr Scientific’s leading edge diamond anode technology.

The KTP case study poster can be viewed here.


Torr Scientific is proud to be a component supplier for the 2010 launch of SWARM. SWARM is a mini-satellite constellation mission within the Earth Explorer Opportunity Program of the European Space Agency. The mission will provide the best ever survey of the Earth’s geomagnetic field and its temporal evolution, to gain new insights into the Earth system by improving our understanding of the Earth’s interior and climate. Torr Scientific has supplied the ‘Phosphor Coated Fiber Optic Faceplate’ which is part of the Canadian Electric Field Instrument (CEFI) sub-assembly supplied by Com Dev, Ltd. based in Ontario. This instrument is a particle detector that will characterise the electric field about the Earth. Torr’s Phosphor Coated Fiber Optic Faceplate converts incoming ions that pass through a particle focusing system into light that can then be analysed to provide extensive data about the electric field. A total of three CEFI’s will be flown, one on each of the three SWARM satellites. Learn more about SWARM.


A pair of Torr Scientific AR-coated excimer windows and several custom phosphor screens are being utilised on an apparatus for the ATRAP collaberation at CERN. The ATRAP collaberation seeks to produce, trap and study cold antihydron. ATRAP’s goal is to perform high-resolution laser spectroscopy on trapped antihydrogen and compare its properties to those of hydrogen. The results may shed light on the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe. Torr Scientific has been pleased to work with the Harvard University one of ATRAP’s collaborating institutions, in supplying the vacuum window assemblies that enable coupling of an excimer laser into the apparatus. Torr also worked with Harvard on supplying a number of phosphor scintillation screens which are used to take an image of the clouds of particles/antiparticles that are trapped.

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