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Torr Scientifics’ company scientist – Dr David Stupple – recently attended the UKSAF meeting held in late January in Hull.

The UKSAF is the UK Surface Analysis Forum, Delegates from the large community of users in the UK meet on a regular basis to discuss a wide variety of topics about the techniques and applications of surface science. There is an accompanying small exhibition where attending companies are allowed to display their products and give a short 5 minute presentation to the assembly.

This meeting covered a wide range of topics including:
* Packaging of sterile dressings, using techniques to detect if the packaging was failing in particularly high temperature weather during storage and transportation.
* Analysis of contamination in a degreasing plant.
* Microscale analysis of biomaterials to give an insight into the role of bacterial cell walls in antimicrobial resistance.
* Using SRS microscopy (stimulated raman scattering) to monitor drug delivery and dispersion via the skin.
* PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) contamination in a laboratory environment.
* Bio instructive materials, specifically materials and surface topographies that encourage or discourage microbial films.
* Improving sensitivity and spectral resolution for XPS (x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy) using a superconducting IR detector.
* The standardisation of publishing surface chemical analysis results.

The next meeting will be held in July at University of Leeds.