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Vacuum Fabrications and Hardware

Torr Scientific offers an extensive range of vacuum components to compliment the many UHV viewports. Fittings are supplied in KF, CF & ISO formats in 304L & 316L stainless steel. The range includes flanges, fittings, bellows and hoses. Seal components such as copper gaskets and centering rings are supplied competitively and promptly.

Torr Scientific is also supplying components and small UHV chambers to custom dimensions. Compact assemblies for atom trap applications can incorporate laser windows optic assemblies and can be manufactured using tantalum weld rings and 316L/316 LN flanges and chamber bodies. The company has a team of design and manufacturing engineers with significant UHV vacuum experience and knowledge. The machining department houses mills, lathes, TIG welder, helium leak testing, cleaning and inspection facilities. CAD engineering drawings are produced around customer requirements and issued for customer approval before manufacturing proceeds.

Complete packages including vacuum pumps, pumping trolleys, gauging and control units can be custom designed and built in cleanroom conditions.

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