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Viewport Safety Covers


Torr polycarbonate viewport safety covers are designed to protect the users from flying glass in the event of a Conflat® viewport failure whilst under vacuum.

We recommend the fitting of safety covers on all viewports on your vacuum system. 
If access to a viewport is needed, the cover can be easily removed and then replaced afterwards.
No installation or removal tools are required.

Manufactured by thermo-forming 2mm thickness Makrolon® Clear 099 sheet; a clear polished UV-stabilised solid polycarbonate material with high impact resistance.
Makrolon® Clear 099 has a fire rating to UL94 V0 in the USA and to EN 13501 (B s1 d0) in Europe.

Please note – These safety covers are not suitable for bakeout and must be removed before baking the system. During bakeout, the vacuum viewport should be covered by a layer of aluminium foil to minimise temperature differentials.

Part Codes Matrix

Part Code


Fits Conflat®
Flange OD

Pack Size


DN40CF Polycarbonate Viewport Safety Cover

70mm (2.75″)



DN64CF Polycarbonate Viewport Safety Cover

114mm (4.5″)



DN100CF Polycarbonate Viewport Safety Cover

152mm (6.0″)



DN150CF Polycarbonate Viewport Safety Cover

204mm (8.0″)


Maximum operating temperature = 60° Centigrade (140° Fahrenheit)




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