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Torr’s stand at Nottingham University

Come and meet Torr Scientific on their exhibition stand at SDGM 2020.

The Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry will be holding its annual meeting at Warwick University from Monday 6th of January to Wednesday 8th January, 2020.

The Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group Meeting (SDGM) provides an opportunity for young researchers (students and postdoctoral fellows) to present their work in front of a supportive audience, and to make contact with their peers and with more senior researchers in the field. The meeting is extremely popular, with the number of attendees increasing year on year (more than 140 in 2019).   To allow as many young people as possible to attend the meeting, they do our best to keep costs down, and also to provide conference bursaries.

Torr Scientific is delighted to be one of the sponsors supporting the event.