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X-rays were a discovery by the German scientist Wilhelm Röntgen, who called them X-rays because their nature was unknown.

When an energetic charged particle is deflected by another charged particle (typically an electron by an atomic nucleus), the resultant deceleration causes the incoming particle to lose energy as electromagnetic radiation, producing a continuous broad spectrum known as bremsstrahlung (German for braking radiation). Superimposed on this may be sharp peaks that are characteristic of the elements present.

In an X-ray anode, electrons are produced in an electron gun and then accelerated into a metal target. This target can be manufactured from different materials, copper, molybdenum and tungsten being popular. The conversion process to X-rays is about 1% efficient, the remaining energy is lost as heat, so the anode may be cooled by a flowing source of water or oil underneath the focal spot. The X-rays have a characteristic energy spectrum which depends on the anode material and the accelerating voltage. The X-rays produced can be used in a number of ways including medical imaging, radiotherapy and non-destructive testing.

Torr Scientific is pleased to offer refurbishment services for all X-ray sources. This is a cost-effective alternative to replacement. All refurbishment work is carried out in cleanroom conditions by experienced UHV technicians.

Our full refurbishment service includes:
♦ Disassembly and inspection.
♦ Water flow test and helium leak test.
♦ Removal and replacement of the mono/dual tip anode. CVD diamond tips are also available.
♦ Coating the mono/dual tip with aluminium, magnesium, zirconium, titanium, yttria, platinum. Additionally, we offer tungsten barrier coating layer.
♦ Replacement of:
▸ ceramics,
▸ aluminium window,
▸ filament – depending on the situation, the filament can also be refurbished.
♦ Reassembly and re-alignment of all parts.
♦ Cleaning, leak testing, inspection, and packing under vacuum. We can also manufacture transit tubes if you don’t have one available already.

For further details, please contact Torr Scientific at sales@torrscientific.co.uk.