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As Torr Scientific uses a wide range of ‘glassy’ materials in the construction of our products, we felt we should mention this event. The United Nations declared 2022 to be the International Year of Glass to celebrate the essential role glass has in Society. The opening ceremony took place in the Palace of Nations in Geneva on the 10th February. There are many events taking place globally to celebrate this material, details are on the UNIYOG website.


The use of glass dates to early history in Egypt and Mesopotamia (now Syria and Iraq) and glass beads were widespread throughout the Middle East, India and China, being traded internationally trade from the Bronze Age. The development of modern science has been based on glass artefacts from the large scale (astronomy) to the small scale (biology); from simple lamps to the lenses for lighthouses; in communications and electronics ranging from the first valves to optical fibres.

Now in a world constrained by a variety of environmental pressures, glass is one of the most recyclable materials; it has a variety of roles in reducing greenhouse gas emissions such as energy saving coatings, double/triple glazing and solar cells, it is made from widely available materials and is contributing to major improvements in our health.

Glass touches our lives in many ways, this is the year to celebrate it.

There are many more details here.